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  • Tea Ceremony

    Tea Ceremony

    With a sincere heart
    We are dedicated to high-quality tea at a fair price

  • Precise Procedures

    Precise Procedures

    Carefully selected small-scale contract farmers
    24 steps in 36 hours of brewing

  • Selected Quality

    Selected Quality

    Self-owned tea garden
    Five-star tea factory
    One-stop production line
    Quality and safety for your peace of mind

  • Exclusively Homemade

    Exclusively Homemade

    100% All Natural.
    Fresh, No Additives,
    Guaranteed Safe

  • Safety Certificate

    Safety Certificate

    Innovative development
    Green, non-toxic beverage containers

  • Vision Blueprint

    Vision Blueprint

    Standing on the Hilltop
    and Overlooking the Future Exquisite High Mountain Tea

  • All the hard work

    is to present a true cup of Taiwanese tea.