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Safety Certificate

Safety Certificate

Innovative development
Green, non-toxic beverage containers

Qualified and safe containers

Tea & Magic Hand, with its corporate philosophy of "food safty," selects and uses bar tools and containers that meet national safety standards.The 3D perforated paper cup currently used is a double-sided PP laminated paper cup that is acid and alkali resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius and can be placed directly in a microwave (without the cup seal film). It has been certified by SGS to be free of harmful plasticizers and toxins that can harm the human body.The transparent PP5 plastic cup that was previously used also has a heat resistance of 100 degrees Celsius, acid- and alkali-resistance, and no plasticizer leaching. Currently, the temperature of hot drinks made at Tea & Magic Hand stores is between 77 and 80 degrees Celsius, and the heat preservation temperature in the tea dispenser is around 70 degrees Celsius. However, the heat resistance of the containers used by Tea & Magic Hand far exceeds the manufacturing temperature, so there is no problem with heat resistance safety. Please use them with confidence.

Innovative and eco-friendly, pearl thermal cup sleeve

To upgrade the green indicator of the tea drink industry, Tea & Magic Hand actively discards Styrofoam cups and spares no expense in the development of the “pearl thermal cup sleeve” with a cooling effect to go with cold drink cups. In this way, we can maintain the functionality of the Styrofoam but also lower environmental pollution.



Non-toxic and microwaveable, Cheery cups for hot drinks

To ensure that consumers can enjoy safe hot drinks, Tea & Magic Hand is the first in the industry to release the “Cheery cup” specially designed for hot drinks.  This cup features the heat resistance of over 120 degrees and won’t scald hands. Different from ordinary hot drink cups, which can’t be heated directly, our “Cheery cup” produced with advanced technology can be microwaved directly without plasticizers or toxic elements. The lightweight cup can be decomposed naturally, thus causing no burden to the environment.

Good friend of Magic Hand, extra-large cup

To give good friends of Tea & Magic Hand a joyful taste when drinking tea, we developed and initiated the new enlarged super cup. Those who buy the “Taiwanese pure tea” series can upgrade free of charge from the normal 750c.c. to the extra-large “888 c.c.” or “838 c.c.” cup. Tea & Magic Hand aims to help our consumers drink to their heart’s content!In this era when everything is rising, Magic Hands still persisted for 6 years, until it stopped supplying in 2022 due to international market inflation and operating costs. However, the benefits of this Buddha Heart still make Magic fans miss it!