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Selected Quality

Selected Quality

Self-owned tea garden
Five-star tea factory
One-stop production line
Quality and safety for your peace of mind

Only the best fresh leaves
To make best tea leaves

The only tea drink chain stores with our "own tea farm"

To make “the best tea” with “the best fresh tea leaves,” Tea & Magic Hand has worked hard for more than twenty years with this determination and has persuaded tea farmers in Mingjian, Nantou, one by one to join the contract farming program.

For the tea farmers, “growing tea” is not a difficult thing. But to grow “safe” fine tea is an arduous task and challenge! For Tea & Magic Hand, “quality” has always been the key element of “professional tea drinks” that we guard and never comprise.

At present, Tea & Magic Hand owns contracted tea farms with up to 510,000 pings, equivalent to 180 hectares. In the large and vibrant tea drinks market of Taiwan, Tea & Magic Hand can be called the only tea company in Taiwan that gets its tea from the cultivation source and has its “own tea farms.”.
Quality Control
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    National Certification
    Five-Star Tea Factory
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    Vertical production 
    Marketing Operations
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    Original Tea Flavor
    with the natural fragrance that can’t be replicated
National Certification
Five-Star Tea Factory
After finishing the first step to own our contracted tea farm, Tea & Magic Hand further established the professional tea-making factories that comply fully with the national standard. The two professional tea-making plants located in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, are respectively “Mingjian Township Puzhong Village Shizitoushan Tea Plant No. 2,” covering about 1,800 pings and “Mingjian Songbailing Tea Plant No. 1,” covering about 900 pings.

To gain control over the origin and quality of the tea leaves and ensure the food safety and hygiene of the tea drinks of our chain stores, the two professional tea-making factories comply fully to the standard regulations and management rules of “Tea Production and Processing Healthy and Safe Environment” issued by the Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. In 2019, “Shizitoushan Tea Factory” was awarded the five-star tea-making factory, and “Mingshan Tea Factory” the five-star tea-making factory. Both can be regarded as the role models in the tea drinks industry with “National certification.”

At present, the tea-making factories owned by Tea & Magic Hand has yielded up to about 1,020,000 kg annually, not only providing a sufficient supply of tea leaves for the 600 branch stores in Taiwan but also keeping the yield growing steadily.
Vertical Production
Marketing Operations
To take overall control of the production and marketing quality of the tea leaves and the origin of the raw materials, Tea & Magic Hand not only owns the contracted tea farms and professional tea factories, but also has a dedicated team responsible for each step of the procedure from the product packaging factory, product distribution factory, logistics, to store marketing. We are extremely careful and prudent in every element because Tea & Magic Hand pays close attention to “quality!”

Through the vertical integration of the operation, even though we adopt locally produced and marketed “pure Taiwanese tea,” we can still provide consumers with the “Taiwanese fine tea” of high-end control at the most reasonable prices!
Original Tea Flavor
Natural Fragrance That Can’t Be Replicated.
To provide consumers with safe fine tea, Tea & Magic Hand spends millions of dollars in the inspection budget and entrusts SGS in Taiwan to examine the tea leaves made from every batch of picked fresh tea leaves, promising that every cup of tea in the consumer’s hand complies with the national food safety regulations and swearing to let the public drink safely.

Therefore, every batch of “tea leaves” only “tastes similar by nature.” We can’t copy the 100% absolute taste made with artificial or chemical techniques. Tea & Magic Hand guarantees that we don’t add any additives or other harmful ingredients to human bodies.

Make a cup of Taiwan tea, drink a mouthful of Taiwanese flavor

To make a fine cup of tea is difficult. To make a cup of tea with “pure Taiwanese flavor” is even more difficult!

By virtue of a belief in making good tea, Tea & Magic Hand has invested heavily in capital and time-consuming research and development, and finally successfully completed its technical improvement plan. Most of the stores in Taiwan depend on imported black tea leaves and green tea leaves. Through our exclusive new high-end development technique, we can produce them ourselves and name the tea leaves “Taiwanese Blush” and “Taiwanese Pure Green,” devoted to making all the pure tea drinks of Tea & Magic Hand become authentic “Taiwanese tea.”

Since July 2017, the tea leaves that Tea & Magic Hand has used has all been upgraded to “100% Taiwanese pure tea.” The whole new Taiwanese pure tea series includes: “Taiwanese Blush,” “Taiwanese Pure Green,” “Taiwanese Qing Tea,” and “Taiwanese Oolong.” Perhaps the familiar Bergamot fragrance is missing in “Blush” while some jasmine flower fragrance is missing in “Pure Green,” but there is more care, safety, and the irreplaceable “pure Taiwanese flavor!”