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Vision Blueprint

Vision Blueprint

Standing on the Hilltop
and Overlooking the Future Exquisite High Mountain Tea


Standing on the Hilltop and Overlooking the Future Exquisite High Mountain Tea

In 2017, Tea & Magic Hand achieved the goal of the pure tea series by adopting 100% Taiwanese tea through “self-cultivation, self-production, and self-brewing.” After establishing ourselves as the founder of quality tea drinks in the Taiwan market, with the expectation and insistence of our founder, Chairman Wang Xian-Ming, Tea & Magic Hand continues to move forward, stepping up toward another peak, step by step and challenging another mission impossible by placing our goal at the most arduous “Taiwanese high mountain tea.”

With the full-hearted promotion of Chairman Wang and the cooperation of our team, this vision blueprint was finally officially launched in 2018. Tea & Magic Hand has successfully planted a flag in the field of Taiwanese high mountain tea and become the first handmade tea drink business heading to Lishan and Fushoushan to develop “high mountain tea farm contract farming” and “self-production and self-brewing high mountain tea!”

There’s more! After years of natural conservation, land appraisals, legal construction license applications, we care enough to go through all of these procedures to build the ultimate large-scale professional “Alpine tea factory” in the “Huagang Area” of the Fushou Mountain Range. Chairman Wang Xian-ming hopes to lead Tea & Magic Hand to a new peak of tea drinking culture. Only with perpetual innovation and evolution can we produce the best quality tea.

Friendly contract farming, harmless “natural farming”

In view of the food safety issue that has impacted the Taiwanese consumer market in recent years, the public’s requirement for “food” does not depend on price any more. On the contrary, people have become a lot more conscious of “food safety” year by year.

Tea & Magic Hand is devoted to developing the Taiwanese tea culture and deeply understands that to make the industry sustainable we can only start from loving and protecting the land. In recent years, we have effectively achieved the safe cultivation and balance of the land on our tea farm through strict corporate farming management. In the future, we will further promote the harmless cultivation of “natural farming” to put the concept of “taken from the land and returning to the land” into practice and introduce it to contract tea farmers to cooperate together in promoting it. It is expected that through the most natural farming and cultivation methods, the land can breathe healthily and be nourished naturally. Consumers can feel the safe and happy when drinking tea produced from “natural farming.”


Smart “QR-Code” guards food safety

In view of the government’s endeavor to upgrade food safety standards by launching the “Smart Food Safety QR-code,” Tea & Magic Hand fully complies with the government policy. For consumer convenience in ensuring the safety of food they eat, in addition to inspecting every batch of tea leaves and raw materials and using only qualified and safe food vessels to achieve food safety standards, in the future we expect to establish a comprehensive “Smart QR-Code” system. An easy scan will let consumers see the safety inspection report. From the raw materials, cups, and to packaging materials, they can instantly access this safety information. The safety of every element is ensured.