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  • New Listing
    Enjoy all the trendy drinks here!
    What are you waiting for? Don’t miss it, come and try it!
  • Taiwanese Tea
    The rich aroma of Taiwanese tea presents the classic tea drinking experience.
    The mellow taste is as smooth as it gets, and worth your subtle appreciation.
  • Classic Series
    Top tea selection infused with flavorful notes.
    The perfect unique tea is a joy to share.
  • Toppings
    To go with pure teas, our deliciously diverse toppings maximize your beverage experience.
  • Original Classics
    Explore our range of house specialties, and savor the one-of-a-kind blend of each brew.
  • Green Plum
    Meiling crunchy plum from our exclusively contracted orchard is a thirst-quencher with special green plum juice to enhance its refreshing sweet and sour taste.
  • Freshly Made To Order
    Make your choice of freshly prepared lime or kumquat for a refreshing fragrance in your mouth.
  • Iced Fruit Selection
    ✽ Limited Sales In Spring And Summer
    You can taste fresh fruit in every cup!
    The quick frozen diced fresh fruit is blended with the fruit-flavored drink, and the fruit pulp is natural and fresh. The delicious sweet and sour taste, with a refreshing and cool flavor brings your taste buds an unexpected surprise.
  • Coffee
    Carefully selected beans from Ecuador bring out its authentic aroma.
  • Concentrated Flavor
    Fruit flavored drink with fruity fragrance and delightful taste.
  • Premium Latte Selection
    Silky premium UHT fresh milk, the harmony of the perfect proportions brings you the ultimate French experience.
  • Winter Selection
    lways a favorite on cold days. Warm your hands, your body and your heart.
  • Thick Toast
    Soft and fluffy, lavishly topped with jam and a crust baked until slightly crispy. Enjoy every heavenly bite.