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Exclusively Homemade

Exclusively Homemade

100% All Natural.
Fresh, No Additives,
Guaranteed Safe


Pure and natural naked tea. 100% Taiwan tea leaves

aboutimg02Ordinary commercially produced cold brew tea, which becomes bitter due to long soaking time and variable storage temperatures resulting in poor quality food hygiene or safety concerns. Super Celadon Tea from “Tea & Magic Hand” is made of 100% Taiwan tea leaves from contracted growers with a proprietary extraction technology, “Advanced Extraction Technology.”

The pure combination of only “tea leaves and water” produces the most original taste and fragrance of the tea. With “no additives, no sugar, and no calories,” the tea has a perfectly clear, golden color. Not only can it be enjoyed as a cold drink, the smooth, refreshing palate turns full-bodied and sweet when “microwave-heated” before drinking.

Tapioca balls locally made are the most natural and chewy.

aboutImg02Taiwanese delicacy “Boba & Pearl” is beloved by the locals. The fascinating texture of “chewy sweetness” is a delight, one mouthful after another. To give our customers the best peace of mind, Boba and Pearls of “Tea & Magic Hand” are made only in our own factory with local “tapioca starch.” No harmful additives so every ball is made to create a natural texture in your mouth, with the best quality assured.

Fresh raw white gourd, carefully boiled without additives.

“White Gourd Tea” can be regarded as the most local Taiwanese flavor tea drink. “Tea & Magic Hand” picks fresh white gourd fruit from local growers, and cooks them slowly with sugar and water, under a gentle heat. Without added coloring, chemical flavorings or harmful additives, the white gourd liquid looks and tastes as nature intended. The homemade white gourd concentrate is the best naturally refreshing drink that retains the traditional taste that is natural and pure but also sweet but not sticky.

Contracted Green Plums from Meiling, Top Quality Presented by Local Hands.

One of the favorite choices of “Tea & Magic Hand,” the “Green Plum Selection” drink is made using plums from more than 80 green plum growers of the Meiling Production and Marketing Group in Nanxi District, Tainan City. Green plums are handpicked from 100,000+ contracted green plum trees by professional quality control staff to ensure size uniformity. The process of making the green plum drink requires natural, additive-free white sugar, turning three times, a strict SOP and 3 months of steeping and marinating. The finished product is then examined to ensure the standard inspection qualification is met before it can be used to make our sweet, fragrant, crunchy, juicy, popular drink that widely beloved by our customers.