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The only company in Taiwan
with its own tea plantations

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Currently, the Company owns tea plantations located in Hengshan, Mingjian town, Nantou, at the southern point of the Bagua Mountains, and has 510,000 pings or about 180 hectares in contracted tea growing areas

Tea & Magic Hand has two tea factories in Mingjian, Nantou, which include the 5-star tea factory covering 1800 pings or about 5950 square meters in area (Mingjian Township Puzhong Village Shizitoushan Tea Plant No. 2), and the 5-star tea factory covering 900 pings or about 2975 square meters in area (Mingjian Songbailing Tea Plant No. 1). The two factories yield about 1.7 million Taiwanese jin or about 1,020 tons of tea every year.